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Cannabinoids / CBD nanoemulsions – benefits大麻素纳米乳液的益处
栏目:产品资料 发布时间:2020-05-20

Cannabinoids / CBD nanoemulsions – benefits经HS高压均质机处理的大麻素纳米乳液的益处

Higher levels of bioavailability, of cannabinoids in nano-emulsified form, often reduces the price per dose, reduces waste and increases stability.


Increased levels of bioavailability means that absorption into the bloodstream is more efficient and effective.


Below 100 nm droplets become optically translucent which means they can be added to products without being visually detected. They can also have low viscosity and longer-term stability.

低于100nm的液滴变成光学半透明,这意味着大麻素纳米乳液可以添加到产品中,而不需要视觉检测。 它们还可以具有低粘度和长期稳定性。

Nanoemulsions are water-compatible and easily mixed into beverages.


Up to 10 times less surfactants can be used when preparing some nanoemulsions. The use of all-natural surfactants can also be a benefit in some products.